Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mother of Gold has made its home in the historic gold country of Northern California.  

Cicada, the creative mind and hands of Mother of Gold, has been refining the art of fine jewelry since 1998.   A seven year apprenticeship, multiple goldsmithing positions, and a BFA with distinction in jewelry and metals have built the foundation for this new expression of alchemy and beauty.  

Our greatest passion is creating talismans and heirlooms that have a timeless quality to them.  We like to describe some of these pieces as if they were made by masters centuries ago, and dug out of an archeological site in the high desert of a long lost civilization.  There is a certain obsession with ancient Egypt in this house, and all of its mysteries tend to whisper themselves into the pieces.

We specialize in spinner rings, fobs and the like.  Anything kinetic and interactive really excites our inspiration when creating.  Hand engraving is a large component of the story telling process with each piece carefully composed with sigils and spice.  We also specialize quality body jewelry, high karat gold, custom wedding and engagement rings, and custom jewelry design of all types.

The custom design process is a very personal experience.  We want to get to know you, your dreams and desires. We have crafted a process that allows us to bring a piece of art into existence that truly speaks to a piece of your soul. 

Whenever possible, local and ethically sourced materials are used.  

Upcycling your precious jewels to a more modern design is available case by case.

When Cicada is not on the bench, she is in the Mother of Gold alchemy lab.  Two main specialties are available to the public in seasonally released small batches.     


Only the finest ingredients are sourced and transformed into the dreamiest and most ancient man-made scent on record, Kyphi.  This special incense blend was used in the Kemetic temples for thousands of years, and daily by the ancient Egyptians as offerings, perfume and even mouth freshener.  


Sometimes referred to as the food of the gods, sweet or white bread; Ormus has been around for a very long time. The pharoahs would ingest the powder touting its properties of immortality and psychic ability.  It is said to aid in dreamwork and neural connectivity.  Our ormus is made in very small batches using water from the Dead Sea itself, under very specific conditions.  Many ormus products available use processed dead sea salt you can buy easily online.  We prefer this low-impact guerilla style production most likely to contain the highest gold content as well as all of the original dead sea minerals.